screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-5-21-19-pmI’m a small town photographer, graphic designer, and a lover of all things beautiful. Obsessed with cooking healthy meals, everything romantic, open fields, the ocean, and live music.

I would be lost without my partner Emily, Emma the horse, Maddie the dog, music, leafy greens and summer dresses. One thing I know to be true, cuddles and cantering are the cure for everything. I could honestly live without candy and scary movies. Chocolate and Nicholas Sparks movie anyone? Most days you can find me working behind an iMac with the tunes cranked, overindulging in the endless inspiration on instagram, riding my horse, dreaming up my next vacation, or creating something in the kitchen that is made with love.  No matter what, I’m always ready for a road trip with my girls (Emily and Maddie!) across the province, out of country, or just the back roads.

Quite honestly, I’m still horse crazy.
Since 1991 my life has centered around horses. My first memory traveling outside of the country? Travelling to Ohio for a horse show.

I want to capture the connection the partnership and friendship you and your horse share. I find myself so in awe of the little quirks we all share with our horses, and the personality every horse has. I know first hand that your horse can be your best friend, shoulder to cry on, and the keeper of all your secrets. For me, there is truly nothing quite as spectacular as that partnership you build with your horse. I might also tend to talk about horses like they are people. I’m pretty convinced horses and dogs are just more advanced humans…especially in the love, loyalty and kindness department.

My horse Emma has given me the most incredible life experiences, made dreams come true that I never even imagined, and taught me more about life than I could ever teach her in training. Your horse gives you wings to fly every day, to reach your dreams, to rise above the storms of life, and yet they are ready to humble you at the first sight of an ego.

Photography has always been vital in our family, and I was so lucky to have a Mom who videotaped and photographed as many moments as possible of our horses and I over the years. It’s the portraits outside of the show ring that cover the walls of my home and truly tell the story of every memory. I want to share the gift, the art, the story and beauty of photography with you. I want to create images that you not only want for your facebook profile, but to hang in your home with pride and love. Photos that showcase the beauty of being an equestrian.

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