Trevy // Wainfleet Ontario, Equine Portrait Session

Have you ever had one of those days where you have best intentions, best plans, and you take every step to make sure things happen as they should…and still … somehow, it all goes wrong? Well me too. Except this day has the best ending.

It was a gorgeous sunny, warm fall Saturday after a week of raining and I had my photoshoot all planned out for ages, models lined up, location planned, inspiration and shoot map all put together. It was as if the photography stars had aligned for me today. I was going about my morning till the golden hour, excitedly getting ready. My creative soul has been bursting to do this session.

Then I suddenly realize my ear props have gone missing, and I am having a mini panic attack trying to find them, the speaker, the sounds, the treat, my entire assistants gear is gone. This is also when I realize my assistant is MIA. It’s then, that I pick up my phone to call her that I see a message from my model, who has cancelled only a few hours before our scheduled shoot time.

There I am, soul crushed (Maybe I am dramatic, or I’m just get really passionate about everything horses and photography), torn between trying to find another model, and taking this as a sign that today is not my day. On a whim, I reach out to the girls at my barn to see if anyone was available to stand in for some portraits! My hopes are high. These girls won’t let me down!

It turns out, that sometimes the universe knows what you need more than you do. The best laid plans are meant to fall apart so that something even better can come together. I’m beyond thrilled to share these photos with all of you! <3


Trevy // Wainfleet Ontario, Equine Portrait Sessionsarahmariewebster

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