Meagan, Freddy and Jackson // Wellandport Ontario, Horse and Rider Session

On a whirlwind of a snowy winter day, I met Meagan and her Mom Judy. My farrier, neighbour and friend Andy was hauling my horse Emma to the vet for xrays. It turned out that he had another client who also needed to haul a horse up to the clinic for xrays, so we all decided to save costs and go together! Well, what an adventure that was, driving in a truck with a group of people who had never met before… turns out, while sharing the tastiest peanut butter chocolate chip cookies we became fast friends, and so did our horses. A few months later I would actually move my horse Emma to be at the same barn and share the same incredible coach.

(One day, I’m going to have to share with you my very first photoshoot with the girls from my barn in 2009! Wew! I’m so very thankful for growth and development …)

Meagan is one of the sweetest and most hilarious people you will ever meet. She is so genuine and down to earth, both her and her Mom have been such a big help to me after losing my Mom this past year. I’m always hoping we end up at the barn at the same time for rides and laughs! I am so excited to share with you the photos from our session, which was filled with so much laughing and handsomeness of Freddy and Jackson.

Meet Meagan & Freddy…

Introducing the handsome and sweet… Jackson

Meagan, Freddy and Jackson // Wellandport Ontario, Horse and Rider Sessionsarahmariewebster

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